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Phimosis Oil 100 ml

Phimosis Oil 100 ml

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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for phimosis- 100ml

100% Pure & Authentic  Extra-Virgin coconut oil. Helps in lubricating foreskin to help treat phimosis Keeps foreskin hydrated to prevent cuts or cracks on foreskin. Only recommended oil for phimosis.  

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Progress over time

After using phimosis rings and phimosis cream combination, the results under routine circumstances are as depicted in the picture*. Results will vary from person to person.

Effects you'll feel



Foreskin begins to slide

Typically, it takes about four days to upgrade from the current ring size to the next. You will also notice that your foreskin may slide further back than before.


Improvements during urination

You will notice that as the foreskin opens more (slides lower over the glans), your urine stream is faster and extends further than usual.


Intimate moments become more joyful

You will feel a drastic change and finally know what you have been missing until now.


Easier cleaning

Cleaning inside the foreskin become very easy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
kishan rai
Best for lubricanting

I use it daily after bathing as direction suggests and i have seen good progress

lala bhai


Doesn’t squeeze out

This looks and appears like you can squeeze the bottle and it will come out, but it doesn’t?

arman ansari
As described... But is it different? Top/lid: Boo!

It's exactly as described: coconut oil.

As all others I've seen, it's right in its transition temperature at room temperature. Below 24C or so, this means it looks cloudy, but it's crystal clear above ~27C. I don't see how this is any different than the 500ml, $7 (or whatever) jar at the grocery store (food grade/for cooking). Could be, but couldn't tell without a chemical analysis.

Container appears to seal decently, but I'm not going to trust it, so, into ziplock bag it goes.

As an dispenser to apply a couple drips - it's FAR from perfect. The central opening is _raised_ unfortunately. That means that while inverted, the drips will centralize and go as needed. BUT, when you turn it cap side up again there's going to be, though tiny, some oil that flows to the outside edges. And as anyone who has ever spilled cooking(or any other oil) can attest - it takes only a TINY fraction of even a single drop, to leave a permanent oil stain on any remotely porous material.

There is a perfect kind of lid for this, that's used with super concentrated Vitamin D drops. It has a raised tip, but then a dip immediately surrounding it, where excess will flow. Further, there's a (really) tiny hole in that depressed trough, that allows even the tiniest amount, to work it's way back into the inside, by surface tension.
But I'm sure that top is a little harder to find than the more conventional top they used. Decent, but NOT for use as a dispenser. If you use it as such, you will waste maybe 2 - 3 drops, after applying 4 - 10ish, as you try to clean the top after each use. And the bottle WILL inevitably get oil on its length, and you WILL oil stain any surface you leave it on.

Instead, use it to fill an eyedropper. Or one of the aforementioned Vitamin D drippers (bluebonnet brand, but I'm sure a couple other types use it too).

rishi kakdia

Best product...this is the best coconut oil...go for it without hesitation

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