How many days it will take to treat phimosis? Even extreme phimosis (Images & videos Inside)

How many days it will take to treat phimosis? Even extreme phimosis (Images & videos Inside)

This is the one question which every person who goes through phimosis asks, how many days it will take to treat phimosis. Honestly, the answer is, it all depends on which stage of phimosis you're in. Severity of phimosis is divided into 4 stages, the more severe your phase is, the longer it will take, but there's guarantee for one thing, and that is, no matter how severe it is, the phimosis can be cured without going for surgery. It is mostly a game of patience and perseverance, the results are more or less guaranteed though.

We will go through 4 methods and the speed at which it can be treated. The methods are: 

  1. Vajraang GlanPro Tool
  2. Vajraang Phimosis Stretching Rings
  3. Vajraang Phimosis Cream
  4. Manual Stretching

Note: We assume in this article that the phimosis is the of the most severe kind, i.e. Pinhole Phimosis, where the glans have never been exposed, and the foreskin doesn't even slide down a bit.

1. Vajraang GlanPro Tool

GlanPro tool by Vajraang is by far the fastest way to treat even the most severe kind of phimosis at home. GlanPro stretches the foreskin when it's 2 small prongs are inserted inside the foreskin. The speed of foreskin opening is fastest amongst all and it takes about 4 weeks to treat oneself of off phimosis. 

It is recommended to use Vajraang phimosis cream, and phimosis coconut oil, without which the foreskin might form scars and tears and inflammation. 

Results: About 4 Weeks

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2. Vajraang Phimosis Stretching Rings

This involves gently pulling the foreskin back and forth to loosen it. This can be done manually or with the help of devices such as phimosis stretching rings.

Stretching exercises can take from a few weeks to several months, depending on the tightness of the foreskin and the frequency of the exercises.

Stretching exercises are more effective if combined with Vajraang Phimois creams, which can reduce inflammation and increase elasticity of the foreskin.

Results: About 8 Weeks

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3. Vajraang Phimosis Cream

This cream is like a natural steroid cream for your foreskin. It has ingredients that act like steroids without the side effects. It does the following things for your foreskin:

  • It makes it more flexible and elastic.
  • It prevents fungal infection.
  • It nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  • It heals cracks and dryness of the foreskin.

The best time to use this cream is at night. You should apply it on the outside of your foreskin, not inside. You should start from the tip of your foreskin and go up to the glans.

For faster and better results, you should use this cream with phimosis rings. The way to use it is the same as steroid cream.

Results: The cream by itself cannot help treat phimosis but when used with other methods such as GlanPro tool and Phimosis stretching rings, they can accelerate the rate of treatment.

For folks with mild phimosis, the cream can work wonders and you should be able to see results within 7 days*.

Final Result: 7 days to 12 weeks*

4. Manual Stretching

The 2-finger-stretching method is a way to treat phimosis by gently stretching the foreskin with your fingers.

The 2-finger-stretching method can take from a few weeks to several months to work, depending on the severity of your phimosis and how often you do the stretching. You should see some improvement in the flexibility and elasticity of your foreskin over time. You should stop the stretching if you experience any pain, bleeding, or infection. You should also consult your doctor if the stretching does not help within four to eight weeks.

The 2-finger-stretching method is one of the ways to treat phimosis without surgery. It can help you avoid the risks and complications of surgery, such as scarring, infection, and loss of sensation. However, the 2-finger-stretching method may not work for everyone, especially if you have severe phimosis or a tight frenulum (the band of tissue that connects the foreskin to the head of the penis). In that case, you may need surgery or other treatments to correct your phimosis.

Result: 4 weeks to 6 months

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