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Vajraang Phimosis Stretching Rings

Can phimosis be completely cured using treat phimosis kit?

When it comes to treating phimosis, it's important to consider the facts. Did you know that 9 out of 10 people can successfully cure phimosis from the comfort of their own home? That's a success rate of 94% as of June 2023! While some urologists may recommend circumcision, there are actually many cons to this procedure. From a medical standpoint, surgery may seem like a quick solution, but there are better alternatives available. In fact, doctors may not be well-versed in these alternate options. So why go under the blade when you can explore safer and more effective methods?

How long will it take to see effect?

When using the rings regularly, you can expect to see an increase in your ring size within 3-4 days. Just remember not to exceed 60 minutes of wearing time to avoid any potential inflammation on the foreskin.

Will I feel pain when trying to use the treatphimosis kit?

The sensitivity of the glans varies from person to person. In general, if you have sensitive glans, you may feel some discomfort when touching it. To alleviate this, try applying a small amount of castor oil to the glans and gradually increase the contact with a lubricated finger. Over time, this can help reduce sensitivity and allow for comfortable use of rings.

I have pinhole phimosis and I don't think phimosis rings and stretching help me. What do you reccommend?

Pinhole phimosis is a state when foreskin on an erect penis doesn't retract and takes the shape of a pinhole. Lot of our customers have had pinhole phimosis, and let me assure you, yes, even pinhole phimosis can be cured using treatphimosis kit.

How do I know which ring to start with?

Attempt to elongate your foreskin to its maximum extent and observe how easily it glides over the head of your penis. This will give you a rough indication of the appropriate ring size. Additionally, simply experiment with different sizes to determine which one fits best. Just ensure that the ring is not too loose, as it may slip off.

When should I move up to the next ring size?

When you begin to observe that your current ring size consistently slips off, even over the edges, that indicates it is time for you to transition to the next ring size.

Can I wear the ring all throughout the day?

No, please avoid wearing it continuously throughout the day or for extended periods exceeding 1 hour. Prolonged usage may potentially result in inflammation of the foreskin, which would present an additional challenge.

My phimosis has gone, but do I need to wear the rings intermittently to prevent it from returning?

If the prepuce is regularly retracted during washing, sexual activity, or other activities, this is the natural stretching action that typically prevents the recurrence of phimosis.

How do I keep the rings clean?

The rings are made from a similar latex-free material as the teats of baby bottles, so we recommend using baby bottle sterilizing tablets/liquid. These can be easily purchased at most supermarkets and are very affordable. Avoid using harsh chemicals or an autoclave, as they can potentially damage the rings.

What to do when I feel uncomfortable to wear?

If you experience any discomfort or loss of sensation, it may indicate that the ring size is too big. Give yourself a day or two to rest, then gradually reduce the size of the ring until you achieve a comfortable fit.

I have scars on my foreskin, will this work for me?

When scar tissue forms, it becomes less elastic compared to healthy unaffected skin. To address this issue, it is crucial to modify activities that may aggravate the scars, such as sexual intercourse and masturbation (in which case, lubrication can be helpful). In the early stages of scar formation, the elasticity is significantly reduced. However, during the remodeling phase, the dermal collagen and elastic fibers are replaced and realigned, resulting in improved elasticity and the ability to stretch. Keep in mind that it may take several months for the remodeling phase to be completed, so modifying behaviors is essential if you want to effectively resolve phimosis through stretching techniques.

Can I wear the stretching rings during sexual intercourse?

Under no circumstances should you ever do this. Take off the stretching ring and thoroughly wash off the skin cream before participating in any sexual activity.

Do I need a medical prescription to purchase it?

No prescription is required in certain regions to buy it.

Does treatphimosis kit work for all types/stages of phimosis?

Absolutely, a resounding affirmative. It effectively addresses phimosis at any stage, including the pinhole variety.

From what age is it possible to use Treatphimosis rings and the kit?

For individuals experiencing phimosis and who are 13 years or older, we highly recommend using TreatPhimosis rings. It's worth noting that the prevalence of phimosis significantly decreases after the age of 13, with only 2-4% of men still affected by this condition at that point, as most cases naturally resolve themselves during earlier stages of development.

My glans are hypersensitive. I don't think I can put phimosis rings in it.

In case you have type 4 or type 3 phimosis, it is typical to experience hypersensitivity in the glans. This is primarily because the skin of the penis glans does not come into contact with any external surface, thus preventing keratinization of the glans skin and resulting in heightened sensitivity. Applying a layer of castor oil over the glans and gently touching it with a lubricated finger can help reduce sensitivity. By consistently practicing this method for a few weeks, you will notice a decrease in sensitivity, enabling you to comfortably use rings afterwards.

How many rings are available in the kit?

The kit includes 20 rings made of high-quality medical-grade silicone. These rings are available in sizes ranging from 3mm to 38mm.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Phimosis Creams & Oils

How does the Phimosis Fore-stretch cream work?

The Phimosis Fore-stretch cream works by incorporating ingredients that promote skin elasticity and softening. It helps to gradually and safely loosen tight skin.

Which cream is best? for me

We highly recommend our Vajraang Phimosis & Paraphimosis Cream for overall loosening of the foreskin. If you don't want to use the phimosis stretching rings and only have mild phimosis.
Fore-stretch phimosis cream is necessary only when you're using phimosis stretching rings. They help prevent rashes, cuts and scar formation on foreskin.

Is your product Ayurvedic or steroid?

No, our products are not steroids. They are made with natural ingredients and are Ayurvedic.

How often should the cream be applied?

For optimal results, apply the cream 1 times per day. Follow the instructions on the packaging for the best outcomes.

Can the cream be used by individuals with sensitive skin?

The cream is designed for general use, but if you have concerns about sensitivity, it's advisable to consult a Doctor before use.

Can the cream be used alongside other medications?

While there are no known interactions, it's recommended to consult with a healthcare professional if you are using other medications to ensure compatibility.

Is the product discreetly packaged for privacy?

Yes, we understand the importance of privacy. The product is discreetly packaged to respect your confidentiality.

Is the cream water-resistant?

The cream is not water-resistant, so it's recommended to apply it after bathing or washing the affected area. This ensures better absorption and effectiveness.

Can the cream be used by uncircumcised individuals?

Yes, the cream is suitable for both circumcised and uncircumcised individuals experiencing phimosis. Follow the recommended application guidelines for the best results.

Is it normal to experience temporary discomfort after applying the cream?

Some users may experience mild discomfort initially, but this is often temporary and can be a sign that the cream is starting to work. If discomfort persists or becomes severe, discontinue use and consult with a healthcare professional.

Can the cream be used during sexual activity?

It's advisable to avoid sexual activity immediately after applying the cream to prevent potential irritation. Wait until the cream is fully absorbed before engaging in sexual activity.

How should the cream be stored?

Store the cream in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Ensure the cap is tightly closed to prevent contamination and maintain product integrity.

How long does it take to see results?

Results may vary, but many users report improvement within 1 month. Consistent and correct application is key to achieving the desired outcome.

Is extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO) effective for treating phimosis?

EVCO helps due to its moisturizing properties, potentially aiding in gentle foreskin stretching over time.

How should I apply EVCO for phimosis?

Apply a small amount of warmed EVCO to the foreskin, gently massaging it to soften the skin. Gradually attempt foreskin retraction during this process.
Apply it upto twice daily. Better if applied after bathing.

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General Phimosis Questions

How many ways are there to treat phimosis?

There are roughly 5 ways to get rid off phimosis.

1. Using Vajraang Phimosis Stretching rings
Results in: 7 Days
Time to completely cure: 7 days to 3 months

2. Using Vajraang Phimosis & ParaPhimosis Cream
Results in : 3 days
Time to completely cure: 7 days to 4 weeks
Note: Only applicable for people with mild phimosis.

3. Using GlanPro tool
Results in: 7 days
Time to completely cure: 7 days to 4 weeks
Note: Applicable even for people with most acute phimosis.

4. Doing Manual Stretching
Using 2-finger method.

5. Circumcision

What is phimosis?

Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin is tight, making it difficult or impossible to retract over the head of the penis.

Can phimosis resolve on its own?

Sometimes, especially in children, mild cases may resolve naturally as the child grows; but not so in adults.

Are there different types of phimosis?

Yes, there are two primary types: physiologic (normal in infants) and pathologic (abnormal and problematic)

Does phimosis cause pain?

It can cause discomfort, especially during erections or sexual activity.

Can phimosis affect sexual function?

Severe cases may impact sexual function due to discomfort or difficulty during intercourse.

Are there complications from untreated phimosis?

Potential complications include balanitis (inflammation), difficulty urinating, or penile infection.

Is phimosis related to hygiene issues?

Yes, difficulty retracting the foreskin may lead to hygiene challenges.

What is balanitis, and does it relate to phimosis?

Balanitis is inflammation of the glans and can be associated with phimosis due to hygiene challenges.

Is phimosis hereditary?

There's no clear evidence that phimosis is directly hereditary.

Can adults develop phimosis even if they didn't have it as children?

Yes, it's possible due to various factors like infections or scarring.

Does phimosis affect masturbation?

It may cause discomfort or difficulty during masturbation.

Can phimosis affect penile sensation?

In severe cases, reduced sensation might occur due to prolonged tightness.

Does phimosis increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?

It might slightly increase the risk due to hygiene challenges.

Can phimosis cause erectile dysfunction (ED)?

It's unlikely, but discomfort during erections might affect sexual function.

What are the symptoms of phimosis in children?

Symptoms include difficulty urinating or recurrent infections.

Is phimosis contagious?

No, it is not.

Can you have phimosis without symptoms?

Yes, some individuals might have a tight foreskin without experiencing noticeable symptoms.

Can phimosis cause a decrease in libido?

It's unlikely to directly affect libido, but discomfort might indirectly impact sexual desire.

Can phimosis cause problems with ejaculation?

In rare instances, difficulty or discomfort might affect ejaculation.

Can phimosis cause pain in the lower abdomen?

Pain in the lower abdomen is unlikely to be directly related to phimosis.

Can phimosis lead to swelling?

Severe cases might cause swelling due to inflammation.

Can phimosis affect self-esteem?

Discomfort or concern about the condition might affect self-esteem in some individuals.

Can you help me with a specific medical condition?

We are not medical professionals, so we recommend consulting a doctor for any specific medical condition or concern. However, if you have a question about using phimosis rings and phimosis cream, please ask us.

Do you have a doctor to consult?

We do not have a doctor on staff. We recommend consulting with a healthcare professional for any medical concerns or conditions.

How do I treat my hyper-sensitive glans? It pains when I touch them

To ease sensitivity caused by phimosis, gently clean the area with warm water, consider using mild creams under medical guidance, practice good hygiene, and explore gentle foreskin stretching.
The overall idea is to expose the glans to air, water and touch as much as safely possible.

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How do I order and make payment?

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How do I track my order

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