4 ways to cure phimosis in India

4 methods to cure phimosis in India

Phimosis is a condition in which the foreskin in adult men is tight and cannot slide over glans (the mushroom shaped hood). See the image below.

phimosis penis

This condition no matter how severe it is, can be treated at home. There are 3 methods by which phimosis can be cured at home.

Foreskin Removal Surgery
This process is also known as circumcision. In hindi it is referred to as खतना or सुन्न्त or लिंगाग्रचर्म-उच्छेदन.
By Using Phimosis Rings
This method involves using silicone rings to treat phimosis at home. This is the most preferred method.
By Using Foreskin stretcher tool
A special type of tool, known as 'Glansar' is used here to widen the foreskin opening.
By Manual stretching
Using the fingers the foreskin is manually stretched in this method. The results take time and often leads to cracks.

Foreskin removal surgery

It is advisable to go for this surgery only and only if you want to have the phimosis treated immediately. Circumcision is not the preferred choice of most individual who have phimosis since the negatives (or cons) for outweigh the Positives (or pros).

Circumcision for phimosis

By using Phimosis Rings

Phimosis rings are the most preferred method of treating phimosis in adults. It has multiple advantages over other methods.

  • It is cheaper.
  • It is more efficient
  • It improves sexual pleasure in both the man and the partner.
  • It increases confidence.
  • Results start showing in just a few days.
How to cure phimosis

Buy Phimosis rings

By using Foreskin Stretcher Tool

Foreskin stretcher tool works by inserting the tip of the ‘Glansar tool’ into the foreskin and slowly widening the opening of the tool. This helps in manual stretching of the foreskin.

It is the most efficient, easy and safe way to treat phimosis at home.

how to do foreskin stretching for phimosis

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