No Exercise! Here’s how you can burn Kilos of Fat using this one food!

Chia seeds are commonly grown in South America. They are imported from countries like Brazil, Argentina and Peru. It doesn’t has a hindi name or Kashmiri name, because it is not indigeneous to India. A lot of people confuse it with flax seeds (called Alsi in hindi).


You don’t need to do exercise to lose weight, if you eat chia seeds

Yes, you read that right. Usually, people who consume chia seeds don’t need to do any exercise because they are consuming lesser calories which helps to lose weight. Chia seeds also increase metabolism which helps to lose weight faster.

However this doesn’t mean that you should stop your exercise, or not do it. Exercise will only help to speed up the weight loss process. Moreover, it is recommended to do some of exercise while trying to lose weight. It is just that, even if you don’t do exercise, you’ll still lose weight.

Customer Results after using Chia Seeds

Chia seeds can help you burn a lot of your weight when used in the right way. A lot of our customers have shed weight using chia seeds and few of these stories are displayed below.

In just 7 days Pournami lost 3 kilos of her body fat.
Chitra from Nashik lost about 11 Kgs in 2 months after using chia seeds regularly twice a day.
Preethi M. from Chikmaglur (KA) lost more than 15 kilos in 6 months of using Chia seeds.
Channy Pheng from Aizawl, gained her figure back!

How does Chia seeds help you to lose weight?

The most important thing chia seeds do to our bodies is that they increase the metabolism and make us eat less (give feeling of fullness).

Chia seeds should be consumed in breakfast and in evening.Let’s suppose you’re eating 2 Parathas for your breakfast, now each paratha contains roughly 250 Calories, so 2 (parathas) x 250 (calories each) = 500gms.

But instead if you take Chia seeds water in it’s place, you’re consuming only 100 Calories. Net reduction of 400 calories, and that is HUUGGE BIG THING.

2 Spoons of Chia Seeds have about 100Calories, 10 grams Fibre and 5 gram Protein. This is the highest concentration of nutrients in any food. These 2 are the most important factors that help you in losing weight.

Nutrition in Chia Seeds

10 Grams Fibre

Chia seeds are extremely small in size, when they are soaked in water, they swell up. These swollen up chia seeds have 10g Fibre. This fibre helps you to feel full. You don’t feel hungry.

So instead of you feeling full after eating 2 parathas, now you are feeling full only after consuming chia seeds, and that too consuming only 100 calories instead of 500 cals.

Eating 2 Spoons of chia seeds is similar to eating 1 big bowl of Salad.

How to eat chia seeds? (Watch the video)

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